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Shocking News from Sri Lanka

(Email to friends of Eddi - sent Feb 2012)

Dear Friend

You are receiving this because a) you are already a friend of Eddi Piper or b) you might like to help her because you are a friend of mine and I think she deserves some help.

Eddi left Brighton last year to run a charity project helping victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka. Most of the dead were women, and now many boys and men have no female relations left. There are also many orphans and much poverty and on top of all that Sri Lanka has just come through a civil war. The people are coping with some really awful circumstances and trying to rebuild their lives. Too many take their own lives through loneliness and despair. Eddi runs a community centre which helps people in many practical ways and gives them some hope.

I had an email from her recently which ended like this:

   "I am not looking forward to the seemingly inevitable time maybe in October when I have to stop most of the  classes as there is just not enough funding to continue without me supplementing it myself, and I can't really afford to continue with that any longer.  At the moment if I close for a month in April we should be OK until June.  I keep telling myself that "the money will come from wherever the money is now! "as a Buddhist wise man said.

   "I could cancel all current classes and, using the monthly regular donations, just do half a day a week with some orphanage children based in Dodanduwa. That would be a very good thing to do as these kids , though well looked after, don't get much time out of the orphanage. Yusemi, a 5 year old with cerebral palsy, is coming on fine and will get her wheel chair next week !! thanks to Prasad our music teacher who is himself in a wheelchair and has somehow or other raised the funds to buy it for her. "

In short Eddi will have to chose between keeping the centre open and giving a few treats to orphans because she cannot afford to do both and cannot continue to subsidise the centre from her small pension.

The Shocking News: It costs just £300 a month to run the centre.

I am sure we all think that we would/should/could do something equally admirable, but we don't because [insert your excuse here]. Eddi is doing it for us. All her friends have to do is help her with a paltry few pounds every month so she can get on with it.  This is a very personal project. All the money for the project comes from individuals who know Eddi, people who sing with Eddi and people who Eddi has helped. There is no funding from outside her circle of friends. Last year Eddi emailed her mail list asking people to set up a monthly standing order for £5. A dozen responded and currently send a total of £65 a month. It would be really sad if Eddi's friends could not scrape together £300 a month.

I am sure that some of you who received that original email meant to respond but simply did not get around to it - if so please do it now. If this is the first time you have been asked, please set up a monthly standing order now. Most of us will not even notice £5 or £10 a month. If you just cannot afford it, that is fine, this is not about making anyone feel

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guilty. If you can spare a few quid, setting up a standing order is easy (see below)

Please consider passing this email on to some carefully selected personal friends, people who you think will recognise the value of what Eddi is doing and trust your judgement when you say it is a really worthwhile cause. How many charities can you say this about:

   I know the person spending the money

   I trust the person spending the money

   100% of the funds will be spent productively

If you have not yet set up a standing order please do it now. (see below for details)

For those who have a standing order for a fiver you will know by now that you don't even notice it going out each moth, consider increasing it to £10.

By giving a few quid you free up Eddi's time to help people who had little to start with and then lost it.

Setting up a Standing Order:

You can set up a standing order with your bank on- line, by phone or over the counter in the high street. It will only take a moment. You only need four pieces of information:

   A name (DE Piper)

   A sort code (08- 91- 03)

   An account number(12277012)

   Your name in the 'reference' section

Please, do it now before you get distracted.

Thanks for reading this far - please do what you can.

Richard Paul-Jones

PS This email is sent 'BCC' (the recipients names are hidden) so you are likely to receive multiple copies of this "Shocking News from Sri Lanka" email because a lot of Eddi's friends know each other and will want to make sure everyone has a chance to help. Please be patient and delete duplicates.


Eddi is in Sri Lanka on a project to reduce the suicide rate among the survivors of the 2004 Tsunami. It is a very real problem for people who have lost family, friends, homes and livelihoods. She does not stress the suicide aspect of the project directly for reasons of diplomacy, respect and sensitivity - but that is the underlying reason for her being there. They do things differently there. It is not feasible to put a poster up saying 'Feeling Suicidal? - Call Us' as the Samaritans might do in the UK.

She interacts with the community by running a community centre which teaches skills to (mainly) young women which will allow them to earn a living in either business or tourism. This is a worthwhile enterprise in itself and gives the young women some independence and helps build their self-esteem. It also gives Eddi a route into the wider community. All of this contributes to the core aim of the project.

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