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Money and medicine are not the only way to help traumatised people.

Ian Smith is determined to cross-fertilize cultures. The Hokey Cokey Man exports traditional British dance moves to the tropical climes of Sri Lanka.

The  long term results are yet to be discovered, but watch the movie to see the immediate effect on some of the local population.


If you see nothing else on this page - please watch this short film.

It is about the Tsunami, the people of the area and the Chandra Sevana Centre where I will be based - and where visitors can stay.

This film shows what happened to this area when the tsunami struck and what the centre is all about.


The 2004 tsunami caught on film

Some remarkable and sometimes disturbing films of the tsunami coming ashore.

Most of us have never experienced anything like this.

Let’s hope we never do.

Let’s help those who have.

Hokey Cokey Man
Chandrasevana Centre